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The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon

Great read. Far too many reviews on the Web. The best one is this link which explains all the mathematical puzzles in this book. Mathematical Association review.

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Review of La théorie des nuages by Stéphane Audeguy

C’est une histoire de culs, or it is a new way to make meteorology sexy. This first novel from Audeguy takes you on several historical journey’s all related one way or another with the way science has perceived clouds. The entire story is held together by the library of a Paris based Japanese fashion designer […]

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Review of Vies Minuscules by Pierre Michon

My second Michon book devoured in one month. A completely different style to his biographical work, possibly because this Novel, made out of a series of vignettes on the small and insignificant lives of past acquaintances, was stranded together through autobiographical details on the authors love life and his encounters with drink and barbiturates. Some […]

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Review of L’Enfant Chat by Béatrix Beck

Through-out the year, I will add on this blog a number of reviews of the Novels you can find on the list. We will start with Beck, an author born in Belgium, who lived in France and Switzerland. She was Gide’s secretary for a while and has a very simple – but engaging writing style.  […]

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Review of Riders in the Chariot by Patrick White

Post-war Australia was a land of internecine wars of religion, between catholics and protestants, jews and anglicans, along with native Australians left on the side-lines to loose themselves in drink on the margins of the city.  A long forgotten time in Australia’s history.  In Patrick White’s tale, all main characters are outsiders, slowly decaying, as […]

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Review of Magnus by Sylvie Germain

Difficult to slot this book into a category, it is a story, even a Novel, made up of fragments.  Just as the main character’s personality is made up of fragments remembered from his childhood during WWII in a Germany under Allied bombing, or from his time seeking refuge in Mexico, with a mother who turns […]

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